Clark High School Block Lunch

A way to give students more voice and choice in their day!

What is Block Lunch?

We are excited to announce that block lunch will begin Thursday, September 21st! Block lunch is a 64 minute block of time where students are allowed to eat lunch, attend tutorials, attend club or organization meetings, be active, or participate in other self-selected student activities. Students may eat at any time during this 64 minute block lunch, and no classes will be offered during this time of day. The block lunch schedule provides meaningful opportunities for time management, self-advocacy, and extracurricular activities. Please ask your son or daughter to share with you what they have learned about block lunch in the past two weeks. We have been showing informational videos during study hall to prepare students for the opportunities and expectations of block lunch. Students were also given an opportunity during study hall this week to develop a tentative plan on how they use their time during block lunch. You may want to ask to see their block lunch planning sheet. At any time, we may choose to return to our traditional bell schedule if we feel students are not acting responsibly during block lunch.

New Bell Schedule


Tutorial Schedule and Club/Organization Mtg. Schedule

Click above or scan QR code below for a list of all the tutorials and club/organization meetings that are available during block lunch. We will update this schedule as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

May my child attend a tutorial with a different teacher than his/her own teacher?

Absolutely. The tutorial schedule is designed to create multiple options for students, so students really should choose based upon the course they want tutoring in, not the teacher offering the tutoring. If they choose by teacher, their options will be more limited.


Will tutorials still be offered before and after school?

Yes. However, once students become more familiar with the way block lunch works, we may not need to offer as many tutorials before and after school. Teachers will inform students in advance if the morning and afternoon tutorial schedule changes.


What if I need to pick up my child during lunch?

If a student must leave during block lunch, PLEASE send a note with him or her to turn into the attendance office at the beginning of the school day. This will help to expedite the checkout process when the parent comes to the attendance window. The student will wait for you in the front office so that you may sign him/her out.


How will my child know I have arrived to pick him or her up during block lunch?

We ask parents to coordinate with their child before they leave home as to when they will be picked up because it will be difficult for Clark staff to quickly locate the student with all the options they have during these 64 minutes. Once the block lunch period begins, you may text your student to report to the attendance window at a designated time. Students should not be using their electronic devices for sending or receiving texts until the block lunch period begins. If a student does not have a cell phone, the student needs to know specifically what time the parent will be coming to pick him or her up before coming to school for the day. All students being picked up must be signed out by a parent or guardian at the attendance window.


Are students allowed to leave campus during lunch?

No. Students are not allowed to leave campus unless a parent or guardian comes to check him or her out. A parent or guardian will need to present a picture id at the attendance window, and the emergency card must indicate he or she has permission to pick up.


What is required for students to continue having the privilege of block lunch, rather than the traditional lunch and study hall period?

Students are expected to display appropriate behavior, act responsibly, and clean up their area after eating lunch.


What happens if students are not meeting the expectations set forth for block lunch?

Block lunch can be discontinued at any time, and we will return to the traditional bell schedule with a lunch and study hall period.

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What is Block Lunch?