Cougar Chow is friday, May 19th

Parent volunteers are needed to make a successful event!

Cougar Chow will occur during lunch on May 19th. The students of Clark High School will have an amazing extended lunch outdoors enjoying local restaurants at food booths set up carnival style, a dunk tank featuring the Clark Teachers and Admin, and a DJ playing music providing entertainment and raffle prizes. This is a fundraiser that supports the Clark HS PTSA, Administration, and Booster Clubs so we can continue to bring educational opportunities and programs to our school.



Tickets will be sold for $ 1.00 each. Parents can conveniently purchase tickets online from April 24th to May 15th at and those tickets will be available for pickup in the cafeteria on May 17-18. Tickets can also be purchased in the cafeteria for cash on May 17 and 18, as well as the morning of May 19 and during the event. It is recommended that students purchase between $10-$15 worth of tickets to eat, drink, participate in raffle prizes, and dunk their teachers!



We will have several food vendors and fans providing food for our students this day. Please see below for a detailed list of food and cost for the day.


Food Items and the amount of tickets needed:


Raising Canes

Chicken Strips and Canes Sauce 4


Panda Express

Orange Chicken with Fried Rice: 5

Orange Chicken with Steamed Rice: 5

Fried Rice: 3


Jet's Pizza

Jet’s Pizza, Cheese: 2 per slice

Jet’s Pizza, Pepperoni: 2 per slice


Chuys Tex-Mex

Chicken Fajita Taco: 4

Chips and Queso: 3



Cheeseburgers: 4

Hamburgers: 3


Ritas Italian Ice: 3

All drinks: 1

All Candy: 1

All Chips: 1



Turkey Leg 5

Funnel Cake 3

Churro 1


Students are not required to purchase or go to Cougar Chow. Regular lunches will run in the cafeteria for those students that would prefer to stay inside; lunch will just be a little longer than usual.



Students can get up and move along to the music provided by our DJ and participate in contests and raffles. Also available is our Dunk Tank for 2 tickets, where the students can dunk their teachers! The students can also enjoy various sports equipment to benefit from an amazing lunch period outside!